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At Hua Ying & Tai Chi Academy, we help others understand the essence of Chinese martial arts and attain its inherent benefits by applying its principles in daily life. We offer our students an easy and efficient way to achieve optimum health.

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David Bao


David Bao is a professional Tai Chi and Wushu instructor (6th Duan Wei). Born in 1977 in the Henan province in China, David inherited his martial arts skills from his ancestors from the Shaolin Temple under the strict guidance of his father.

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Horse Stance (馬步 ma bu)
Horse Stance (馬步 ma bu)

Horse Stance (Ma Bu) is one of the most important stances in Chinese martial arts. It is also known as…

Bow Stance (弓步 gong bu)
Bow Stance (弓步 gong bu)

Bow Stance (Gong Bu) is one of the 5 main stances in modern Wushu. The origin of this stance is…

Spear (枪 qiang)
Spear (枪 qiang)

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