Reduction of 30% in Visceral Fats after 1 Year of Tai Chi

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I have learnt Tai Chi under David Bao for slightly more than a year. Little did I expect to have gain so many benefits with minimal effort. I have done many sports in my life, most of them aggressive and ‘hardcore’. Now, my body can no longer handle the stress caused by those sports.

Tai Chi is the opposite of what I was doing. I use to think that “The faster I go, the better I am.” However, Tai Chi showed me that “The slower I go, the more benefits I gain”. It does sound illogical at first but it is very true from my experience.

Here are some of the key benefits for me:
– Reduction of 30% in visceral fats after 1 year of Tai Chi. This came as a surprise to me because I have tried to reduce my visceral fats using many different strenuous exercise which didn’t work.
– Stronger lower body especially leg and knees. I no longer experience knee pain. I believe my muscles in those areas have strengthened.
– Better balance
– Improved focus in all areas of life
– Peace of mind because Tai Chi releases my mind from work stress

Yew Hon Lee

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