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We joined the Yang style Tai Chi class conducted by Master David Bao in January 2015.

At the time of writing (in July 2016), it is now a period of 18 months since that 1st lesson.

We are intentionally specific about the time-period as we greatly valued the invaluable teaching and guidance by David during that period; we are certainly looking forward to continue the learning journey with him.

Clarity in Lessons
It helps that he conducts and approaches his classes in a structured manner, which helps to us to better appreciate the movements. The fact that he teaches the moves, step-by-step, without diluting the essence and intent of each move is admirable, and appreciated.

Positive Balanced Energy
Since the first class itself, my wife and I always finishes his class each Sunday feeling good, with a positive balanced energy. This merely affirms the important aspect of tai chi that we have been “missing” despite the fact that we started doing tai chi (elsewhere) for more than five (5) years, prior to joining his class.

Physical Benefits
My wife was experiencing the initial stages of plantar fasciitis, with stabbing pain that runs across the bottom of her foot, heel bone and toes. She no longer complains about this with the routine of exercises that we do in David’s classes.

Vital Well Being
We are humbled that, as a personable teacher, he asked about our expectations in tai chi (despite the large number of students in his many classes).

His emphasis, time and again, helps us to put into practice the essential principles of tranquil focus, mental conditioning – the mind being integrated with the body; fluidity of movement; leading to relaxed breathing to enhance qi-vital energy is indeed, “spot-on” for us.

We look forward to continuing an enriching journey in tai chi with David.

Wei Hoong and Siew Kwan, FOO


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