Tai Chi Boosts the Immune System

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The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi is scientifically proven to boost immune system. Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise – a series of methodical movements practiced in a relaxed manner coupled with deep breathing. It is often called “Meditation in Motion” because it requires one to have focused awareness throughout the routine.

The immune system is a complex yet delicate system. It takes a multi-pronged approach to strengthen the immune system because it is inter-connected with the other systems in our body. Going back to basics, the recipe for health would include a balanced diet, regular exercise, restful sleep, a clear conscience and being connected to one’s emotions.

In the recent years, there is amounting evidence that Tai Chi significantly improves health. Research by the University of California has proven that regular Tai Chi practice in seniors have increased their immunity index to the same level of people 30 years younger. A study done in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia revealed that long term Tai Chi practice (7 years or more) reduces DNA damage.

Author of the Harvard Medical School of Tai Chi, Dr Peter Wayne explained that Tai Chi has many components which positively reinforces the body’s immune system. The components are body movement, deep breathing, active visualisation, focused attention and a rich psychosocial interaction among Tai Chi pracitioners.

Tai Chi movements stimulates the internal organs and enhances blood circulation. Moving slowly gives us the opportunity to focus on relaxation during every movement. When the physical body is relaxed, the circulation of oxygen and blood is more efficient allowing all parts of the body to be nourished.

Toxins are excreted more efficiently via the lymphatic drainage system during Tai Chi practice. Sweat released after Tai Chi practice comes from deep within the body. Every part of our body is involved when we practice Tai Chi. The entire body works together as a complete, integrated entity.

Practicing Tai Chi literally rewires the body’s nervous system. It is the perfect antidote to stress. Most Tai Chi practitioners want to do Tai Chi regularly because they feel fantastic after the practice. It is reported that Tai Chi practitioners are more confident, optimistic and have a more positive approach to life.

Advanced practitioners enjoy the subtler benefits of Tai Chi – the deep connectedness to the Earth, the steadiness of being centered in the body and the ability to regulate the flow of internal energy.

Try out Tai Chi today and experience its amazing benefits for yourself!

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