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Wushu (Kung Fu) is the term for all the martial art styles in China. It consists of thousands of different External styles (Shaolin, Wing Chun, Nan Quan) and Internal styles (Tai chi, Ba Gua, Qi Gong) either using bare hands or armed with traditional Chinese weapons. This art of self-defense is now an international sport and a mesmerising form of performing art.

The wealth of Wushu’s philosophy, the beauty of its movements, the difficulty factor and the systematic training methods sets Wushu apart from other martial arts. Every movement in Wushu must exhibit sensible combat application and artistic beauty.

Why learn Wushu?

  • Body awareness; being conscious of what your body is doing
  • Boost discipline, courage and self-confidence
  • Increases flexibility
  • Mental and physical strength
  • Mind-body coordination

What will I learn?

  • Wushu basics based on traditional and modern Wushu (changquan); footwork, kicks, stances, hand techniques, body coordination and balance
  • Wushu routines (taolu) using bare hands and weapons

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Class schedule

Group Wushu Class
(For children > 4 years old and teenagers)
Sunday 9.00 – 11.00 am
Venue: Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy PJ
Fee: RM100 per month

Private Class
Kindly contact us for details and arrangement.

  • Always inform the instructor if you have any serious health issues before participating in class.
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes and light canvas shoes for class.