Tai Chi Kept My Spine Erect

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I had a prolapse/spine surgery (L4/L5) in 2000. I was paralyzed from my waist down for three months as a result of bacterial infection during the operation.. My recovery with physiotherapy was slow. In end 2007, I started learning Tai Chi under David Bao.

I had a bad fall in May 2014 and was in excruciating pain because it aggravated my old spinal injury (L4/L5). Had an MRI done and was surprised to find out from the scan that the cartilage supporting my spinal cord of L4/L5 was removed during the surgery in 2000.

My spine surgeon, Dr Tan Chor Ngee (Tropicana Medical Centre) was surprised that I had no ‘lower back’ problems prior to the fall. From his years of medical experience, one will surely suffer ‘back pains’ after 5 years if not earlier if removal of cartilage is done during surgery.

He concluded that Tai Chi practice has kept my spine erect all these years. He also encouraged me to share Tai Chi benefits because of my medical experience to help others.

Both Dr Tan & I decided not to go through another corrective surgery for the pain from the fall. After a month of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment by my coach’s father, Dr Bao and continuous Tai Chi practice, my ‘back’ has been holding up very well and I feel no discomfort till today. In addition, I have also competed in many local & international Tai Chi competitions.

The benefit that I have gained from my Tai Chi practice is enormous. I encourage anyone who wants to live a healthy, quality life to learn Tai Chi.

Michael Liew

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