Carpal Tunnel Recover After Few Months of Practicing Tai Chi

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I am usually exhausted after a whole day of working in the office. Tai Chi helps me to recover my energy fast simply by doing the Tai Chi form. I feel fresh and energetic after Tai Chi practice so I practice everyday.

I was surprised that my carpal tunnel issue recovered naturally after few months of practising Tai Chi. Other common office-related health issue like neck pain and headache also went away. Tai Chi is like a form of meditation for me. It helps me keep my mind focused and reduce anxiety levels when I face difficulties. I apply the Tai Chi principles to resolve daily life problems, even while walking, standing in the train, etc.

Practicing Tai Chi is a long process. At first, it might be very boring because of the slow movements. However, Tai Chi can be fast as well. We practice Tai Chi slowly with the purpose of adjusting our posture and to feel our Chi. I sweat as much after practicing Tai Chi as I do after jogging.

Tai Chi is a superb martial art as it can be used for self-defense. I was very impressed with the energy flow during Tai Chi practice so it makes me interested to discover more about Tai Chi.

As an engineer, I am keen to understand how Tai Chi works in terms of energy transmission to the entire body simply by making a small movement. Every form can be explained by science and there is a reason behind every pose.

David Bao is a very good instructor. He explains every movement very clearly so we can understand and appreciate the meaning and application behind every move. In my private lesson, David points out my mistakes and adjusts my posture. This is extremely important as the flow of Chi naturally exists when our posture is right. I strongly recommend David Bao as an instructor to anyone who is interested in Tai Chi.

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