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In 2004, I decided to relearn the Yang-style Tai Chi 24 Form from David Bao laoshi after reading a book. The author advised that one should practice tai chi from a professional instructor to get the best out of the practice. It wasn’t easy to rectify all the incorrect posture and movements. I was 63 years old that year.

After much perseverance, we eventually achieved our dream to participate in the 2007 International Tai Chi Competition in Handan, China. Our team secured a silver medal for the group event while I won a bronze medal for the individual event. It was an encouraging experience.

I have acquired the fundamental knowledge of the 13 Principles of “shadow boxing” and learnt the following Tai Chi forms under the tutelage of Bao laoshi.
– Tai Chi 42 Form
– Tai Chi Sword 42 Form
– Yang-style Tai Chi 28 Form & 85 Form
– Yang-style Tai Chi Sword 51 Form
– Chen-style Tai Chi 56 Form
– Chen-style Tai Chi Fan 24 Form
– Chen-style Tai Chi Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame, First Form)

The 13 Principals of 8 Handworks (Bagua/Trigram) and 5 Footworks (5 Elements) harmonises our body with nature. It is the root of all living beings including you and me. Tai Chi movements helps one to stretch, to relax one’s muscles and to strengthen the internal organs.

In the past decade of practising Tai Chi, I am amazed at the healing process of some of my leg injuries and other ailments. I have learnt to coordinate my breathing and mindfulness with the Tai Chi practice like a ‘moving meditation’. As the saying goes “Blood is the mother of qi, qi is the guardian of blood”.

Thanks to Tai Chi, I am agile, supple, alert and healthy! I hope to remain this way for the rest of my golden years!

Vivian Cheong
July 2016

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