Ji Jin 挤劲 (Press Forward) – The Third Principle

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Ji Jin 挤劲  is the third of the 8 forces/subtle energies of Tai Chi. A Tai Chi practitioner demonstrates Ji Jin by a pressing forward motion away from his body. It can be in any direction the Tai Chi practitioner directs it : up, down, sideways, diagonally or straight ahead. Internal energy Chi is projected on the outside of the arms and the back of the hands.

Ji Jin is a primary attack technique in Tai Chi. It is used on the opponent to make him lose balance and his momentum when he is planning to attack. Ji Jin is usually used at close range so the Tai Chi practitioner needs to ensure his own body is stable. Ji Jin can be delivered in many ways – using the hands, shoulder, chest, back, hip or thigh. This adaptable move gives the practitioner a lot of flexibility during combat.

Ji Jin can only be extended successfully by a Tai Chi practitioner with a solid foundation. It is said that the delivery of the Ji Jin is a reflection on the practitioner’s skill level.

Grandmaster Chen Gan once quoted “When perfected, Tai Chi Chuan cannot be tracked or predicted. It is like the movement of a magical dragon : natural, flexible and yet unpredictable. Frequent practice results in a sharp reflex to tactile sensation of the surrounding, opening the door to the wonder of Tai Chi”.


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