An Jin 按 劲 (Push Downward) – The Fourth Principle

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Do you know that An Jin 按劲 can be delivered using hands, elbows, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs and other parts of body?

When An Jin is delivered using the hands, An Jin creates a downward movement of internal energy, radiating from the arms and subsequently the hands. It can be delivered with one or two hands. The main point of force is transmitted through the palms of the Tai Chi practitioner while using the waist as centre.

When expressing An Jin, the Tai Chi practitioner has to keep his shoulders relaxed and elbows sunken. He would turn his waist slightly moving the upper body to coordinate it with the lower body to ensure the Chi (internal energy)  flows to the  Dan Tien 丹田. The hands will move forward while the torso moves to the back as a counter-move.

An Jin can be used to defend as well as to attack the opponent. As an attack move, the Tai Chi practitioner focuses An Jin in his hands to direct a powerful surge of energy towards the opponent causing the opponent to lose balance. To defend oneself, the Tai Chi practitioner can apply An Jin on the opponent and then, release the pressure suddenly. This move will confuse the opponent.

I would like to illustrate the use of An Jin in this simple example. An opponent attacks with a one hand punch. The first move is to deflect the punch and alter the direction of his force. Next, apply An Jin to his arm or chest to prevent him from adjusting his posture. While expressing the An Jin, always concentrate the Chi in the Dan Tien and keep the Kua  (waist and hips) strong. This step will ensure optimal force is exerted through the hands making the opponent fall backwards.

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