1st Annual Dinner 2017

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17 December 2017 was a memorable day for us at Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy. We had a successful 1st Annual Dinner – a joyous gathering of our students, friends and family who share the love of Chinese martial arts. It was also the celebration of founder and head instructor, Master David Bao’s 40th birthday.

The event was held at The Poolside Terrace at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. A Wushu Performance by the Sunday morning class kickstarted the evening. This was followed by solo and group Tai Chi performances. We were also entertained by lovely tunes belted out by Vivian Cheong and Lilian Soh. There was also a lucky draw, games,  friendly conversation and laughter.

We are grateful for the support and presence of everyone who attended that evening. Special thanks to Karen, Theresa & WH Foo for helping us organise the event.

Thanks to Stanley Wong and Heah Chia Yee : the photos of the event can be viewed here:



Videos of the performances:

Master David Bao :

Instructors Theresa & WH Foo:


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