Grounding Benefits of Tai Chi

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Staying balance and grounded is equivalent to being healthy. We use metaphors like “down to earth”, “standing on his/her own two feet”, “standing tall” and “being upright” to depict a positive person. For most people, good physical and mental health is dependent on our ability to stand and move around efficiently.

Tai Chi is the perfect antidote to the insane pace of today’s society where everything we need is just a click-of-a-button away. Many of us are ‘stuck in our heads’ because we are constantly attached to our electronic devices or busy thinking about the past and future. Compared to their ancestors, people are now disconnected from their bodies because of the comforts of modernization.

Being ungrounded is a worldwide epidemic deeply entrenched in society. In fact, it is the cause of many health problems like mental health issues, depression, insomnia, bad circulation, chronic pain and fatigue.

Similar to other Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi emphasizes lower body strength and stability. It makes the practitioner conscious of the present moment by the nature of its practice. Complex, methodical choreography of the Tai Chi routines require the mind and body to work together. This leads to an enhanced mind-body coordination and balance.

Many of our students have reported a better control of the body, improved flexibility, more strength and stamina, as well as a calmer state of mind simply after 3 months of Tai Chi practice.

Practicing Tai Chi literally rewires the body’s nervous system. Most Tai Chi practitioners want to do Tai Chi regularly because they feel fantastic after the practice. It is almost like a system reboot. After a Tai Chi session, the entire system is integrated, whole and relaxed.

Senior students or those who are more sensitive to energy can sense the subtler benefits of Tai Chi – the deep connectedness to the Earth, the steadiness of being centered in the body and the ability to regulate the flow of energy.

The only way to attain the full benefit of Tai Chi is through learning with an experienced and qualified Master. The secret is in mastering the internal energetics (Nei Gong 内功). Initially, students are required to remember and perfect the physical postures. After that, they then learn how to sense the flow of internal energy (Q气) within the body simply by adjusting the physical postures and by intent.

Tai Chi is a lifelong learning process. There is always room for improvement and new experiences to discover.

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