Liver Condition Improved after 9 months of Tai Chi

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My first journey into the world of Tai Chi began one evening when my wife and I were taking our leisurely stroll around our housing estate. We bumped into a group of senior people practicing Tai Chi in a basketball court. I was fascinated with the slow and graceful movement of this exercise. After talking to the master of the group, I decided to participate in his class regularly.

A lack of properly coordinated exercise will usually lead to a decline in overall health. Many people living in the city lead a sedentary lifestyle. Having seen many of my contemporaries suffer from age-old related diseases, my wife and I embarked on an exercise regime that is low impact, relaxing and suitable for our age group. Tai Chi fits the bill perfectly.

After a year of participating in this group exercise, we realised the need for in-depth understanding and appreciation of this ancient art form. We began searching for another master to guide us further – to perfect our movements and techniques.

We did an Internet search and found a Tai Chi master from China (Henan province to be exact) right in the midst of the Klang Valley. We contacted him and was advised to attend free trial classes in his centre and in an open field in SS2, Petaling Jaya. We decided to give his trial classes a go together with another friend. After the first session, we were convinced that Master David Bao can bring us to a higher level of Tai Chi. We enrolled in his class on a permanent basis.

We have been practising under Master David Bao for last nine months and the benefits derived from his training was very evident. My latest medical health check-up with the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur revealed that my liver condition has improved remarkably (as I was having fatty liver for many years). My energy and stamina have also improved tremendously. I can even compete with younger players in my badminton games, much to their surprise.

I would like to encourage all senior citizens to take up Tai Chi as a safe and effective way to improve health and well-being. Lastly, I want to convey my utmost appreciation to Master David Bao for his dedication and patience in guiding my wife and I to practise Tai Chi in its proper and original form.

Julian Foo
May 2018


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