Benefits of Tai Chi After 3 Years

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We, Tai Chi Class from Gadang Group started learning Yang-Style Tai Chi Quan in 2016. Firstly we learnt the Yang-Style Tai Chi Quan 38 Form, continued with Yang-Style Tai Chi Quan 85 Form, and currently learning the Yang-Style Tai Chi Sword 51 Form.

After 3 years of practicing Tai Chi, we had gained many benefits out of it. Some of us find it a very good stress reliever because we are so focused on the breathing and thinking about the next step. This surely throws away the stresses from a full work day.

Our body is much stronger as the immune system is better and we fall sick less. Body balance is better because our legs are stronger.

We take this opportunity to thank 老师 David Bao, 师兄Michael Liew and 师姐Ms. Theresa Tan.

We strongly recommend Tai Chi to our colleagues, friends and family members.

Gadang Tai Chi Group
Nov 2018


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