Overall Improvement From a Year of Tai Chi Practice

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I am ever so grateful to be given the chance to learn and practice Yang style Tai Chi 38 form with Teacher Li Yen.

When I started, I was noticeably obese and asthmatic, completely lacking in any ‘healthy lifestyle’ practices. Due to my asthma condition, heavy exercise is a challenge. This is the reason why I like Tai Chi. Although Tai Chi is a demanding exercise, I can still breathe.

After a year, I have noticed improvements in several areas. My belly/weight has reduced. My leg strength has increased – I can hold the horse stance for 2 minutes now compared to barely 30 seconds in the beginning. There is less pain on the sole of my feet. Overall, my balanced is a lot better and breathing is a lot easier (although I still face shortness of breath sometimes).

I often grumbled internally because of the distance I have to travel to get to class and that 1 hour class is not enough initially. However, I now understand that the location and duration of the class is the best option for everyone.

Amir Reza
January 2019


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